5 Reasons To Choose ASP.Net Over PHP

ASP.NET is amongst the most favored technologies for building dynamic web pages, feature-rich websites as well as web-centric applications. No doubt, PHP is more popular and you are more likely to find work to code in PHP rather than ASP.NET. In reviewing, both languages have their strengths and weaknesses. PHP is inexpensive, secure, fast and reliable.

Despite the high quality of much of the free and inexpensive software out there, some big corporations feel the low price of PHP suggests that it is not worth buying for those who want to set up commercial websites. While ASP.NET is easier to use and maintain because of its class library system


PHP is a programming language and it is widely in use. Websites like Facebook and WordPress are built with it. Asp.Net is a framework and it works on C# and VB.Net languages. Both are different from each other but both work well for web development. But when it comes to using the most suitable one for you, Asp.Net Web Application Development proves to be the best one. Let us see how:

What Makes ASP.NET Pro?

How ASP.NET is Better Than PHP?

Seasoned Framework to Craft Your Web Apps

ASP.NET is a mature framework to develop your web applications. It has a task-based library that helps Asp.Net Development Services be quick and well organized. It minimizes the code load up to a huge extent and expedites the development process. Compiled programming type of ASP.Net supported by Microsoft makes it more suitable to develop a dynamic web application. Moreover, it will be very easy to use for you as well. PHP is a bit of difficult to use and lacks type and also have a poor type checking. This creates problems for you and for your web app too.

The Power of Visual.NET

ASP.NET comes with the power of Visual.Net, which drives accelerated web app processing. It equips the programming to operate at its peak. Such IDE helps your system with inbuilt debugging features. IntelliSense support to Visual.Net helps your Asp.Net Development Company to run development without memorizing the variables or methods. PHP is managed with a large ecosystem and needs more attention for operations.

Flexible Development Functioning

Flexibility always works. The core benefit of using Asp.Net Development Services over PHP is flexible and object-centered features. This technology is derived from Microsoft’s old ASP and connects with.NET frameworks. Its CLR with other programming languages delivers an intuitive interface with seamless performance. Building Process allows you to change the programing language in the middle of development without rewriting the codes again. Whereas, PHP works only in its delimiters. When you use anything outside its delimiters, it suffers with namespacing and ends up with the class naming collision.

Smaller but Effective Support

It is a matter of fact that PHP has a bigger pool of support with its huge open source community. But ASP.NET is supported by Microsoft, the company that has revolutionized the technology world. ASP.NET support community consists of developers who are dedicated and solely work to make ASP.NET better than the best. This compelled and deadline bound support system helps you and your Asp.Net Development Company with quick response and immediate support.

Safety and Security

Both ASP.NET and PHP are open source technologies. ASP.NET comes with inbuilt Windows authentication besides its pre-application configuration. With these ASP.NET ensures safety and security of your web app. Its WYSIWYG editing, automatic deployment, and drag-n-drop server controls make data stable and well-protected. On the other hand, PHP also claims to be a secure platform for web applications. But when compared, Asp.Net Web Application Development proves to be more secure than PHP.

This point will make you think why to choose ASP.NET over PHP:

  • If you own Visual Studio, you can build applications very quickly by dragging and dropping. It saves developers time, provided it is installed on a computer fast enough to allow the program to function at its peak. You won’t get this feature in PHP. This is one of the main reasons to choose ASP.NET over PHP.
  • The ease with which you can convert an ASP.NET application to a desktop client, mobile or web service (if designed correctly you just provide a new presentation layer). This isn’t possible with PHP. Due to this also, programmers choose ASP.NET over PHP for bigger projects.
  • The sheer power and elegance of C#. The new .NET framework and CLR provides for a seamless interface with other programming languages such as Visual Basic.NET and C#. This means the programming language of a project can be changed mid-project without the need to rewrite everything.
  • PHP is an interpreted language – ASP.NET is compiled. ASP.NET also provides built-in features for caching frequently requested web pages on the server. Additional features provided are localizing content for specific languages as well as cultures and even detecting browser capabilities. Built-in templates are believed to be quicker as well in ASP.NET.
  • Another advantage of ASP.NET over PHP is that ASP.NET’s library is task-based. Because the library is organized into inheritable classes related to a given task, such as XML or image editing, developers can save time on many common development tasks.

These were a few common reasons that make a reasonable ground for you to choose ASP.NET over PHP. Asp.Net enables your web apps to deliver seamless performance with a great user experience. So, now you have enough knowledge to get out of your confusion and maybe to opt Asp.Net Web Application Development as well. If you still have any questions or further queries about ASP.NET, connect with us.

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