Future Career Scope For .Net Developer

.Net Core is open source technology and day by day many companies are adopting this technology to develop the software for their organizations. Therefore, it has become popular among youngsters, who want to make a career in IT. When anyone thinks about making a career in IT, then the first question which comes to mind is which language should be chosen? The presence of too many programming languages in the market may make the decision quite confusing. This article is dedicated to.Net programming language and its scope in the coming future. .Net supports a number of programming languages, including C#, F#, VB. Net and many more.

The article covers the following sections:

  • Evolution Net
  • Future Development Strategy of Microsoft Net
  • Is it good to make a career in? Net technology?
  • Career Prospects Net

Evolution of.Net

Microsoft launched C# language in 1999 and just a couple of years later the company launched.Net, and since then both are growing continuously. A few very popular languages, even were also launched and disappeared during this time period, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Windows Store Apps. Today Microsoft is focusing on .Net and Visual Studio apps.

Since the evolution of the Microsoft.Net framework day by day, it is getting better.  Following screenshot gives an idea of its progress in last 15 days. The first release of Microsoft was .Net 1.0 and since then it just improves day by day.

At the time when .Net was launched it supported only limited applications and started with managed and un-managed applications, where the managed area was focused around ASP.Net and Win Forms, while un-managed area involved ASP.Net and JavaScript like libraries. Following screenshot shows both of these areas:

Future Development Strategy of Microsoft for.Net

Although Microsoft keeps its future plan private, for.Net it disclosed its future policies publicly for comment and review purposes. As per the market survey, the most used language is C# for app development, web development, gaming and business software requirements.

Today a number of articles are focused on the future of .Net technology and finally concluded that the future of this technology is much brighter and the continuous development will keep it alive and usable up to several years.

Is it good to make a career in .Net technology?

For any good job,it is essential to choose the technology as per current market requirement and situation. For youngsters, IT is one of the most promising careers in every country and a career in. Net technology has high future prospects, this is the reason due to which a number of institutes are offering several certification courses in.Net. Following are a few of them:

As .Net helps to build a number of applications for various platforms and environments so is one of the best options to build the career in this language. One who learns this technology can get the job as a software developer. So, getting any certification or training in this technology can provide you with a promising career for your future and you can build a career as . Net developer. A number of CMM level5 companies are using .Net and the demand for .Net professionals is quite high worldwide.

Career Prospects in .Net

There are a number of career prospects available for the .Net technology. Any individual can learn.Net and try to clear the international certification exam of MCTS (VB .Net) or MCTS (ASP .Net) or MCPD. Even for the networking profiles like Network Analyst, Network administrator, etc. one can try for CCNA/CCNP certification. Almost all of the popular and well-known IT companies are seeking.

Net experts. Persons from technical and non-technical both backgrounds can easily learn .Net and become a technical expert. A number of companies have switched to. Net technology due to its robust and platform independence like useful features. Following are a few of the roles that can be opted for. Net:

As per your own interest, you can choose any career option for your future, using. Net platform. As .Net involves very low programming so a number of types of development can be done easily using .Net successfully, this is another reason due to which youngsters like and trust this technology for their IT career.

Final Words

The future of this twelve-year-old technology is bright and one can take it as a language option for his career in IT field. Though day by day a number of technologies are being launched in the market, but new advancements and developments in this technology by Microsoft make it evergreen, which is aided by Microsoft and is not going to be out of the market in coming future.


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