How To Find A Development Mentor ?

For an introvert person like myself, taking the first step in reaching people for help isn’t easy. However, this is one of the obvious routes you’ll take when seeking out for a guide.

You must have a clear idea of the kind of help you’re searching for. The finest person who may assist you lay out a career path might not be the same who could best review your code. Your reason for finding a development mentor will decide who you should be looking for in the first place.

Things to do for finding a great development mentor

  • Follow experts whose work you appreciate on social media and connect with them. Say hi, include interesting comments, etc. Once you’ve built up contact, inquire if they’re willing to guide you. Also show them your work, be aware of their time, offer to assist out on their projects.
  • Go to meetups, workshops, etc. These occasions are all incredible places to network with experienced developers and inquire them for guidance.
  • Check on social media if any developer offers their time as a development tutor. For example, a while back the amazing amy jones was offering to mentor aspiring developers from under-represented categories in tech. This must have been a incredible opportunity for those who ended up working with her.
  • If you’re already working as a developer, you may inquire more experienced developers in your working environment if they’re willing to pair up with you.
  • If you choose to attend coding schools and bootcamps, you might find that most of them offer mentorship programs for their students. Make sure you investigate this road and take full advantage of the openings offered by the educational institution of your choice.

What a good development mentor can do for you

  • Setting aside a few time to reply when you require help
  • Going deeper within the discussion of technologies, dialects and frameworks, essential concepts, and so on
  • Doing code reviews
  • Carrying out live coding sessions
  • Discussing your work-related problems
  • Sending you resources based on your aptitudes, levels and needs
  • Sending you exercises like puzzles, games, and so on
  • Recommending Books, courses and articles
  • Helping you in laying out a career path
  • Helping you to remain focused. It’s easy to get lost within the web environment.

There are a few platforms on the internet where you’ll be able to contact developers for help with a coding task, coding counsel, etc.

Google Code-in

Google Code-in is a worldwide online contest pointing to involve young people in open-source development. Mentors from participating organizations help young contestants to work on real-world, open-source projects.


Codementor is a very well known online resource where you can hire a developer to assist you solve your issues. The stage permits for one-on-one live coding and pair programming.


here you can attend design and front-end bootcamps. You can work online with mentors on projects and job-related things.


Codebar is a non-profit initiative that runs free programming workshops and events to promote the development of a diverse community within the tech world. Going to these workshops will get you working with coaches or mentors who are there to observe and direct students.


CoderDojo is a worldwide community of coding clubs where young individuals learn to code under the direction and supervision of volunteer mentors.


Mentorcruise is a web platform that gives one-on-one mentorships on lots of programming languages for students, college grads and experts.


Exercism offers the opportunity to work on solving huge and little code challenges, submit your results for review and get feedback from other software engineers. You’ll discover tons of programming languages and it’s open-sourced and well-maintained.


Having a mentor might assist you accomplish your professional goals quicker and boost your confidence a hundred times better.

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