Spell Check Your Comments in Visual Studio

Whereas Iโ€™m restricted to composing comments in code, even I recognize the esteem of comments placed on a class or method declaration (Iโ€™m barring properties since most donโ€™t require commenting). Apparently, if youโ€™re composing these comments itโ€™s with the trust that somebody will, someday, read them … and it would be dreadfully humiliating in case you incorrectly spelled things in those comments.

If that sounds like a issue worth tending to, go to Visual Studioโ€™s Tools menu and select the Extensions and Update menu choice. Within the resulting dialog, select Online from the tabs on the left and enter โ€œSpell Checkโ€ (with the space in the center) in the search box.

After downloading the extension, youโ€™ll need to closed down Visual Studio and hold up calmly for Visual Studioโ€™s installer to appear. Clicking the Alter button within the installer window will install Spell Checker. Once you restart Visual Studio, youโ€™ll discover a new Spell Checker choice on Visual Studioโ€™s Tools menu with a sub-menu containing parts of alternatives.

If you choose the choice to spell check your entirety solution, then youโ€™ll find that Spell Checker checks all comments and all strings — likely finding more blunders than you care to do anything almost (for case, I wouldnโ€™t consider โ€œApp.configโ€ in a comment to be an mistake). Luckily, you’ll prepare Spell Checker to ignore words (like, for example, โ€œApp.configโ€) or configure what Spell Checker checks (through Tools > Spell Checker > Edit Global Configuration).

You’ll be able discover it more about Spell Checker here. It would be a disgrace in case a few afterward programmer thoughtless of you because you spelled something off-base. 

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