David Williams

Mr. Patel is our favorite developer, and by a country mile. His code is elegant and clean, there’s practically no adjustment we can ask of him which is not within his capabilities. He is a NodeJS/React Jedi, there’s no other word for it. His work is nonpareil.


C Developer for simple application

Another excellent job by Tarang. when we began designing the application my head hurt literary of how complex the app will be. Tarang took it head on and was very effective in delivering completed product.

Telerik Upgrade

Tarang is phenomenal !!! We will definitely want to have him help with future projects. If you have need for help with any of the Tererik DevCraft (and I assume others) products, Tarang can help and immediately productive.


Machine HMI

Tarang did a great job understanding the requirements and working towards those requirements. This project was in a problem domain that was unfamiliar to Tarang in the beginning, and he came up to speed very quickly.