VB.NET Tutorial: Creating Your First Program

Visual basic .net is an object-oriented programming language design by using Microsoft and normally created the use of the Microsoft visible Studio IDE. It’s far a effective language that is simple to grasp for novices and may create purposeful standalone windows applications quickly and without problems.

VB.net is taken into consideration to be one of the best beginning factors for humans inquisitive about computer programming. The language itself is quite trustworthy and the visual Studio IDE permits for drag-and-drop capability in maximum programming tasks.

If you are inquisitive about turning into a computer programmer, VB.net is an extremely good vicinity to start. Earlier than leaping into this educational, you need to study some basic programming concepts like looping and conditional execution from Programming for Non-Programmers.

Setting Up The Ide

Despite the fact that there are very high-priced versions of visible Studio available from Microsoft, those are designed for large corporations that use VB.net and other languages which includes C# for business development. Fortunately, you do now not need to buy this software program to begin the use of VB.net.

As soon as you have got the fundamentals of VB.net down, C# is a powerful programming language that makes use of the identical IDE as VB.net. Basic C# with visual Studio 2013 teaches you the basics of the usage of C#.

Microsoft offers what they name visual Studio explicit: a free model of the effective IDE that permits you to create VB.net programs for non-commercial use. You can download visual Studio specific totally free from Microsoft’s internet site and follow the installation commands to set up the environment.

Set up may be very straightforward and does no longer require any abnormal configuration steps that are commonly required of different IDEs. In different words, it interfaces perfectly with windows and also you should be ready to begin growing your first software right away at all.

Why Use VB.NET?

There are quite a few motives why beginners and professional programmers pick out to depend on VB.net to create effective applications. A number of these motives consist of:

  • VB.internet is a modern, trendy-cause programming language that can be used for an expansion of functions.
  • Just about every programming platform presently used is based on object-orientated principles. VB.net isn’t any exception.
  • VB.net is extraordinarily smooth to analyze, but it still affords the high-degree functionality that is predicted of nowadays’s programming languages.
  • Windows applications have historically been written in C++. Although C++ is still used for lots complicated programming challenge, it is extensively considered a hard language to examine while you are first beginning out and has saved many potential programmers from learning a way to create windows programs. VB.net has torn down this wall and made it easy for each person to create expert searching home windows programs. If you are interested in learning C++ inside the destiny, the C++ basics path is an wonderful useful resource.
  • VB.net is also utilized in different not unusual Microsoft products such as Excel. you can learn how to leverage your .net abilties for other products in the visual primary for Excel course.

Creating a Basic Program

Whenever you research a brand new programming language, the excellent way to get began is to… get started. So, without in addition ado, you’ll create your very first VB.net software referred to as β€œhowdy world.”

Once you have appreciate in a few other programming language, the howdy world program have to be be exceptionally acquainted to you. In case this is often your to begin with time programming, it is routine to form this basic application each time you learn fresh programming dialect because it gives you a standard thought of how the IDE works and makes positive simply don’t have any establishment botches that spare you right compiling of your code.

Begin visual basic particular and choose a modern venture from the file menu at the best of the show. A little discussion container will show up inquiring you what kind of task you would like to make. Select the windows program template. Rename this modern project to whats up world and the IDE will robotically make the premise of your unused application.

At this factor, you may be searching at a form. A form in VB.internet is genuinely another word for an utility window. even though the form on your screen is blank right now, this could emerge as your windows utility in just a few smooth steps.

On the left aspect of your screen, observe the Toolbox. On this toolbox, there are numerous Controls that you could upload in your application. A control in VB.internet is an object that plays some sort of motion within your challenge. Here is where VB.net makes programming smooth. All you want to do is drag the Controls you need onto your form. Visual Studio specific handles the code required to sincerely put into effect these Controls into your program..

You could also resize these Controls once they had been dragged onto the shape. Experiment with positioning them in different places and resizing them as you see match.

To form the Hello World program, you would like two controls. Look for the Button control and the Name control. Drag one of each of these Controls onto your Frame and position them where you’d like.

The Label will really show the words β€œHello World” once you tap on the Button. The only thing cleared out to do at this point is to include the code that tells your program to show β€œHello World” when the button is clicked. Fortunately, you are doing not got to filter through hundreds of lines of code to do this. Essentially double-click on the Button and Visual Studio naturally takes you to the event handler for this button.

This view is known as the Code View and it is where you’ll make program functionality. Take note that a few of the code has already been made for you and all you actually need to compose is the code to make a subroutine that tells the button and what to do when it’s clicked.

Add the following code into your Code Window:

Public Class HelloForm

Private Sub btnDisplayHello_Click(

ByVal sender As System.Object,

ByVal e As System.EventArgs

) Handles btnDisplayHello.Click

lblHelloWorld.Text = β€œHello World”

End Sub

End Class

Please note that some of the code above will already be in place so the easiest thing to do is compare this example with what you see in the Code View and make modifications as necessary. Believe it or not, your program is now ready to run.

To try out your Hello World program, click the Start Debugging icon in the toolbar or simply press F5. When you click the Button, Hello World should be displayed in the label.

Of course, this is a very simplistic version of a VB.NET program, but as previously mentioned, it makes sure that your IDE is set up correctly and gives you an idea of what’s involved in creating your own VB.NET programs.

You can learn a lot from this program by slightly modifying the Controls contained within it and noticing how it affects the function of the program. Try playing around with different settings and see what kind of results you get. The experience you gain can be easily applied to more complicated projects in the future.

VB.NET is a powerful programming language that allows anyone to create Windows applications using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. As is the case with any other programming language, practice is what will transform you into a professional programmer. Fortunately, VB.NET makes it easy and fun.

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